Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the highest level of safety and protection with tactically trained professionals prepared to handle anything, with a focus on anticipation and prevention before a security event actually presents itself.


Justin Griffin, a Lexington KY native born in Birmingham Al, started Gryphon 5 years ago with the aim of creating opportunities for men and families due to the lack thereof in our community. Justin started from a humble home with a sweet mother who alone worked diligently day in and day out to provide for his sister, brother, and himself. This taught Justin that one job just won’t do it when you have responsibilities. Justin took this example to heart and has always had more than one venture or source of income in his life. Justin is a proud husband and father to 5 beautiful daughters. Beyond his own immediate family, and probably balancing out the mix a bit he considers the Gryphon, men he works besides daily and their families as part of his own. He is a true leader and built a culture and a bond that cannot be broken amongst the team. Justin’s drive and motivation stem solely there, FAMILY.

Gryphon Executive is the culmination of Justin and his team. With security and safety being our main focus for the past 5 years, learning night by night in the bar/ restaurant industry how to deal with adults under the influence and odd situations that have taught the team the patience and understanding of an inebriated mind. We’ve adapted from being a group of guys that guide nightly guests back into the fun of the night, into the word of mouth that we can keep anyone safe in any environment. This demand simply evolved into what we are now with Gryphon Executive. We view each other as brothers and we tackle any and every situation that way, by knowing that going into this, one of our true Brothers has our back no matter what. The same group of gentlemen, Army vets, Navy vets, firemen, ex-cops, cops in training, longtime security standouts, MMA-trained gentlemen etc. Will take on the world with unique personalities and a blood brother bond to see to it that you and yours are just as safe as you’ve trusted us to keep your kids safe at night when they’re out of sight but not out of mind! Let Gryphon Executive serve you and your community with the promise of knowing we’ve handled just about any situation and circumstances there are when it comes to holding an objective safe!


Nick Davis

Nick is a native of Kentucky growing up in Lexington he graduated Lafayette Senior High in 2013 then went on to pursue a degree in business management. He has training in a multitude of environments from pharmacology to restaurant management with a later decision to focus on a security career he has been with the company for 4 years and counting. 

Andy Burks

Andy Burks: Nickname “Dalton” 6’3, 220lb. Based out of Lexington, KY with Griffin Securities. Trained in MMA and Executive Protection for 5+ years. Authentic, Confident, & Competitive. “I will be nice until it is time to not be nice.”

Eric Perkins

Eric Perkins - Native to Lexington, Kentucky with 6 years’ experience working in the executive security industry. I’ve focused mainly on the Sports, Music, Events, Bars with a wide range post including security guard and close protection.

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